Roof Erection

We erect and install roofs from the foundations of their timber truss skeletons to their tiled exteriors. We take careful care on how we plan and erect our roofs, so that there are no leaks, so that they can last for years and so you can rest easy knowing that you’re safe and covered by the best.


Roof Inspection

We use registered roofing inspectors from respected third party companies to check and grade our work. This ensures that we eliminate any conflict of interest and ensures that the client gets a reassuring second opinion on our craftsmanship. They then reward our work with an A19 Roofing Certificate if they feel that we’ve done a more than reasonable job.


Water Proofing

A roof is useless if it leaves you wet in rainy weather. The National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act states that roofs must be designed and constructed safely so that they are not damaged by wind or any other natural force. We adhere to these rules by ensuring that all roof coverings are in place and in good condition and by also replacing any faulty material.


Roof Maintenance

Roofs stand against bare sunlight, sleet, hail and sometimes even snow. Weather is an unmerciful force and because of it, your roof will suffer a great deal of wear and tear in its life span. We specialize in fixing any damage and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your roof.